Brower Youth Awards

Featured Young Leader

Dejah Powell

Fostering a love for the environment

Featured Young Leader

Dineen O’Rourke

Encouraging non-violent, direct action

Featured Young Leader

Anthony Torres

Inspiring communities to demand climate action

Featured Young Leader

Anne Lee

Challenging schools to adopt low carbon solutions

Featured Young Leader

Charlie Jiang

Pushing Wall Street to make just investments

Featured Young Leader

Mercedes Thompson and Claire Wayner

Working towards a plastic-free Maryland

We Celebrate Young Environmental Leaders!

Each year the Brower Youth Award recognizes the work of six young leaders who are making strides in the environmental movement. A signature element of Earth Island Institute’s year-round New Leaders Initiative, Brower Youth Award winners demonstrate excellent leadership as well as a commitment to the communities their work serves. 

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Awards Ceremony

The 19th Annual Brower Youth Awards Ceremony is being held in San Francisco on the evening of Tuesday, October 16, 2018. Learn more about our upcoming ceremony and RSVP for a ticket today!

Meet the Winners

Read the stories of 2017’s winners and check on updates on their projects. Stay tuned for our 2018 winners!

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