Brower Youth Awards

Our Work

Since 2000, the Brower Youth Award has recognized outstanding youth leaders who are making strides in the environmental movement. Under the umbrella of Earth Island Institute’s New Leaders Initiative, the Brower Youth Awards provides an elevated platform to showcase and honor the accomplishments of young environmental leaders. 

Each year, six young people based in North America are awarded the prize, joining a growing and diverse cadre of green leaders who are publicly recognized for their sustainable projects, innovative ideas, and informed analyses.


How We Do It


  • public awards ceremony
  • film creation and distribution
  • media opportunities
  • speaking engagements

Strategic Support

  • leadership coaching
  • funding opportunities
  • goal setting and tracking


  • intergenerational activist discussions
  • cross-sector solutions salons
  • mentorship matching



Our Team

Mona Shomali

Program Director, New Leaders Initiative

Mona has been working at the intersection of environmental policy and social justice for over 15 years. She has taught international environmental policy and environmental justice at university level, and ethnoecology at high school level. When it comes to leadership within environmental movement, Mona believes in the power of including and understanding voices from all different backgrounds.

Email Mona to learn about our year-round opportunities, program partnership and support, sponsorship opportunities, Brower Youth Award alumni relations, media requests and volunteer/internship opportunities at

Email with inquiries about our social media channels and our annual Brower Youth Award event.