Brower Youth Awards

Winners in 2021

David Baldwin

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Seeking Solutions to Invasive Weeds

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Alexandria Gordon

St. Petersburg, FL

Inspiring Campuses to Go Plastic-Free

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Alexia Leclercq

Austin, TX

Bridging the Gap Between Climate Education and Action

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Sonja Michaluk

Princeton, NJ

Encouraging Rigorous Citizen Science

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Peter Pham

San Jose, CA

Advocating for Transit Justice

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Artemisio Romero y Carver

Santa Fe, NM

Pushing for Smart Climate Policy

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Our 2021 Supporters

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Our 2021 Selection Committee

Azibuike Akaba

Mr. Akaba is a Senior Policy Advisor at the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. He served as Senior Public Information Officer for nearly 4 years at the Air District. Mr. Akaba has been an Environmental Policy Analyst for Public Health Institute (RAMP). He served as an advisor to the California Air Resource Board AB32 EJ Advisory Board and was the HP Executive Fellow for CAL EPA 2005 – 2006 recipient. His research area of interest is Climate Science and Environmental Justice. As the Technical Assistance director for the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project, Mr. Akaba managed the Environmental Indicators Project (EIP).

Sharon Chen

Sharon Chen, MSN, RN is a Family Nurse Practitioner student at Columbia University with an interest in health promotion and climate justice. As a current Nurse Care Coordinator at the Institute for Family Health, she uses her understanding of sustainability and public health to counsel patients and staff on chronic disease management. Her undergraduate projects include improving student engagement at the UC Berkeley Student Environmental Resource Center (SERC) and conducting research on environmental breastmilk contaminants for the Mothers’ Information on Lactation and Collection (MILC) Study. This past year, Sharon led a journal club discussion for EHS students at the Mailman School of Public Health on the roles that nurses play in climate change education.

Mackenzie Feldman

Mackenzie Feldman is the Founder and Executive Director of Herbicide-Free Campus, an organization that works with students around the country to advocate for an end to the spraying of synthetic herbicides at schools and a transition to organic land management. Her campaign resulted in the entire University of California system going glyphosate-free, and Mackenzie worked with a coalition to get herbicides banned from every public school in the state of Hawaii. Mackenzie is also a Food Sovereignty Research Assistant for the FAO and a Food Research Fellow for Data For Progress. Mackenzie received the Brower Youth Award for her work in 2019.

Katherine Funes

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Katherine moved to Oakland to attend Mills College, where she majored in Ethnic Studies and Political, Legal, and Economic Analysis. As the Youth Engagement Co-Director for New Voices Are Rising, a program of the Rose Foundation, Katherine developed and implemented workshops, field trips, and actions to build the environmental justice knowledge and leadership skills of New Voices interns and Summer Academy students. She’s passionate about focusing the environmental movement on healing people of color, as well as the natural world. Katherine loves seeing the vision New Voices students have for healing their own communities and is excited to help them make their visions real.

Kati Torres-Garcia

Kati has experience working with systemically marginalized youth. She is currently a Family Care Navigator at University of Southern California’s Family Caregiver Support Center. Her previous roles have included working with transitional aged youth and sexually exploited minors in the Oakland Bay Area. She has worked in community mental health and rape crisis centers. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at UC Berkeley.