Brower Youth Awards

The New Leaders Initiative (NLI) grows environmental leadership by growing, supporting and identifying emerging environmental leaders and social justice activists in North America. We raise their voices, celebrate their achievements, and provide them with the skills, resources, and relationships to lead effective campaigns and projects. NLI honors the legacy of David Brower – firebrand environmentalist, community activist, and founder of Earth Island Institute.

NLI is home to the Brower Youth Awards, the premier North American awards honoring bold young environmental leaders. Since 2000, the Brower Youth Awards has recognized 86 exceptional leaders with a cash prize, a high-energy week of activities in San Francisco, and ongoing leadership support. NLI also offers mentoring and project sponsorship to rising young leaders.

NLI has also expanded its offerings to include public and local programs, which includes events in the bay area, a fellowship, a high school essay contest, and a micro-grant award for environmental leadership, and more. We hope to offer programming that meets a new generation of green leaders where they are, to build an environmental movement full of creative and dynamic change agents who are tackling the most pressing contemporary ecological issues.