Brower Youth Awards

Christina Wong

Sacramento, CA
Alarmed by the rollback of environmental protection laws, Christina Wong of Sacramento, California decided to go straight to the “grassroots” of the problem. She founded a local chapter of the League of Conservation Voters on the University of California campus at Berkeley. LCV is a non-partisan watchdog organization that tracks elected officials’ voting records on environmental issues. Christina’s group helped re-engage students in politics on this historically active campus. Berkeley LCV led voter registration drives and recruited students to join the Environmental Victory Project, targeting students from diverse backgrounds, not just those having a prior interest in the environment. Through Christina’s efforts, 20 UC students volunteered to spend a month in “battleground states” registering voters and informing them about environmental issues with a goal of electing environmentally friendly candidates during the fall election. “I am a true believer that one person can make a difference,” said Christina. “If everyone helped out with one cause that they believed in—the environment, health care, civil rights—the world would be in much better shape than it is right now.”