Brower Youth Awards

Karoline Evin McMullen

Chesterland, OH
Evin grew up playing in rivers and streams and gained first-hand knowledge about riverine wildlife habitat. As an activist, Evin worked countless hours on the restoration of the original coldwater habitat of the Chagrin River to save the Ohio brook trout, a threatened fish species. Knowing that community education was the key to success, Evin started Save Our Stream – SOS. SOS made presentations to local schools, worked with local officials to post educational signage in local parks, and held community service days involving K – 12 students in habitat restoration projects. Evin wrote a book about brook trout for elementary school students, distributed it to local grade schools and was publicized in numerous local and national publications. She continued to generate support for her cause by participating in radio interviews and several film projects and her expertise was highly sought by other organizations seeking ways to protect waterways and marine species in their own communities.