Brower Youth Awards

Andrew Hunt

Bethesda, MD

Andrew established a statewide network of student environmental activists transforming the state’s college and high school environmental clubs into a united force to affect public policy in Maryland. “I’m sick of our code red smog alert days, and of every forest, farm, and stream dying under the proliferation of townhouses and McMansions,” said Andrew. “I hope to see traditional American community involvement restored in our generation.” The group, 200 strong after just one year, successfully lobbied to stop the development of Chapman Forest, one of the last remaining old-growth forests in Maryland, which then was recommended to become a new state park. Andrew’s network also united transit riders throughout the state to get the Governor to include two important passenger rail projects in the state’s request for federal transportation funds. Without the network, the powerful highway-building lobby could have played the transit groups against each other and forced them to pick one rail project or the other.

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