Brower Youth Awards

Ariana Katovich

Berkeley, CA

Ariana created an innovative fund on her campus to protect and restore shorelines.

Ariana¬†founded the Coastal Fund at the University of California, Santa Barbara. ( Celebrating it’s 15th year in 2014, the Coastal Fund has spent almost $4,000,000 on coastal research, restoration, access and education of the shoreline associated with UCSB. The Coastal Fund is funded entirely by the students of UCSB, and a board of graduate and undergraduate students manage the grant selection process.
Ariana helped write the ballot initiative, worked to get the campaign passed in its inaugural year, wrote the by-laws and helped structure the program within UCSB. The Coastal Fund was the first “green fee” program in the UC system and the by-laws of the Coastal Fund were leveraged to structure new green fee programs across the country on college campuses.

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