Brower Youth Awards

Billy Parish

New Haven, CT

After dropping out of Yale in early 2003, Billy Parish rallied students at hundreds of colleges around the Northeast to take on global warming. The Climate Campaign was aimed at getting colleges to buy renewable energy, creating a market for clean energy and moving new energy technologies into the mainstream. Students at more than 130 campuses, including every Ivy League school, carried the message to their administrators. The campaign organized major climate conferences at Harvard and Yale, and helped get the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts to commit to reduce their global warming emissions in line with standards adopted by dozens of countries around the world. “We are picking up the pace. Students, faculty, staff and administrators are all leading – and schools are beginning to make real change,” Billy said, in regards to the climate change movement. Billy is the founder and director of Energy Action, Earth Island’s first project led by a BYA winner.

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