Brower Youth Awards

Carlos Moreno

Boston, MA

Carlos understood the seriousness of youth violence as an environmental justice issue because of its tremendous impact on where and how we live. In 2001, the state funding for after school programs in Massachusetts dropped from $14 million to nothing, and youth violence steadily increased. Through the Summer Jobs Campaign, Carlos addressed the increase of violence in the city of Boston and helped create more opportunities for summer youth employment. Over the course of three years, Carlos helped the United Youth & Youth Workers of Boston to mobilize 320 youth to attend a city meeting and organized hundreds of youth to attend and speak at committee meetings, vigils, and rallies at the City Hall, the Boston Commons and the State House. Carlos also coordinated a question and answer session between gubernatorial candidates and youth, to solicit their positions on youth issues. The Summer Jobs Campaign has garnered exceptional media attention and has initiated a crucial dialogue between the youth and city officials, resulting in an increase of $750,000 for summer jobs.

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