Brower Youth Awards

Charlie Jiang

Washington D.C.

Pushing Wall Street to make just investments

After studying engineering at Stanford University, where he organized for fossil fuel divestment and environmental justice on campus, Charlie Jiang moved to Washington, DC and became a founding member of the DC ReInvest Coalition. As part of the global movement to #DefundPipelines, this partnership of more than a dozen social justice and climate organizations across DC is pressuring the DC government to divest from banks with unjust ties to fossil fuel pipelines, private prisons, and predatory lending practices. Instead, the Coalition aims to reinvest District funds in community-led solutions for DC’s most under-resourced residents — not fossil fuel and Wall Street profits.

Jiang provides strategic and narrative direction for the coalition through action planning, media support, partnership building, and direct advocacy. He has helped organize marches and rallies in DC to support the #NoDAPL movement, which has evolved into the #DefundPipelines movement, and is fighting against the byproducts of fossil fuel extraction, including pollution of our air and water, and damage to local communities.