Brower Youth Awards

Diego Arreola Fernández

Mexico City, Mexico

Fostering Environmental Activism in Mexico

Diego Arreola Fernández, 18, created Green Speaking after learning about the devastating consequences of plastic pollution and excessive consumerism while at the 2019 Ocean Heroes Bootcamp in Vancouver, Canada. His campaign uses in-school engagement, social media, and motivational videos to encourage children, schools, and businesses in Mexico to fight plastic pollution by modifying their habits, policies, and strategies. He also gives talks to everyone from five-year-old children to business leaders to help people figure out their own unique role in the fight against plastic pollution. Diego organized a 2020 conference to build on this effort but has postponed it to 2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

In a country contending with serious gang-related violence, deep poverty, and pervasive social inequality, raising awareness about the environment is no small task. But the need for it is urgent. Diego’s next goal is to turn his campaign into an environmental organization with the mission of cultivating more environmental leaders prepared to raise their voices for the planet and inspire people towards a truly sustainable future.

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