Brower Youth Awards

Isra Hirsi

Minneapolis, MN

Leading a nationwide climate strike

Isra Hirsi is a 16 year old from Minneapolis, Minnesota, who is the Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of the US Youth Climate Strike which focuses on fighting the climate crisis through climate strikes and climate policy. 

Isra grew up in Minnesota in a diverse community and with a realization of an intense climate crisis. She developed a knowledge of environmental issues by witnessing pipelines being built in her state, extreme snow conditions, and hearing about the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. She wanted to take action. 

She founded the US Youth Climate Strike, with the first strike in March of 2019. The organization is actively working to fight the climate crisis. With the help of 100+ organizers and 15+ partners, the organization was able to pull off multiple strikes and a massive petition calling for a climate debate. Isra is involved in this movement because she wants to take action in a way that is both accessible and visible. She wanted to create a group/movement that wasn’t centered around privilege but the complexities of climate change and its impact on black and brown communities. The youth climate strikers are working towards representing everyone and highlighting people and communities on the frontlines. 

Isra is also very inspired by her little sister, who is supposed to graduate high school in 2030 when the planet is expected to hit a tipping point. Isra believes it is crucial that she fight for people like her sister and to raise the profile of diverse youth voices in the fight for climate justice.

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