Brower Youth Awards

Jon Warnow

Burlington, VT

Jon’s passion for tackling the Earth’s climate crisis was the basis for his role in Step It Up 2007. This project used the Internet to stage a highly coordinated National Day of Climate Action involving over 1400 communities in all 50 states. Every action was united by a common message “Step It Up Congress! Cut Carbon 80% by 2050.” For Step It Up 2007, Jon developed and deployed the Internet strategy and tools that were vital to making such a wide, collaborative effort possible – in just three months. The project was driven by the firm belief that the Federal Government was not going to act boldly or decisively to tackle the climate crisis unless American citizens in every corner of the country urged politicians to do so. Step It Up’s effects helped instill a sense of urgency in the minds of politicians and citizens nationwide. Just one month after Step It Up 2007, all of the major democratic presidential candidates came out in support of the Step It Up Goal – Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama co-sponsored a bill with 80% reduction targets, joining John Edwards who had recently made the 80% reductions and a commitment to clean energy a major part of his platform.

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