Brower Youth Awards

Jonathan Ferrer

Brooklyn, NY

Generating climate awareness and resiliency amongst New York City's youth

Growing up southwest Brooklyn, in a community surrounded by three large power plants, Jonathan Ferrer witnessed first-hand the social and environmental injustices that put the health and well-being of his family and friends at risk. Today, Ferrer is a youth justice organizer and a core leader at UPROSE, a community-based organization that works to ameliorate the environmental burdens of the Sunset Park neighborhood. Through UPROSE, Ferrer organizes the New York Climate Justice Youth Summit, the largest youth climate convergence in the city of New York. The summit – which features speakers, musicians, and spoken-word artists – brings together hundreds of young people for an opportunity to learn more about the social and environmental issues they face. Ferrer also facilitates community meetings through the Climate Justice Community Resilience Center, a space for community members to exchange ideas and resources on how they can take individual action. After Hurricane Sandy’s disastrous impact on Ferrer’s waterfront community, his work has taken on even more urgency.


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