Brower Youth Awards

La Constance Shahid

San Francisco, CA
La Constance Shahid was a breath of fresh air in her inner-city San Francisco neighborhood of Bay View Hunter’s Point. Her work to restore the adjacent Yosemite Wetlands – named after Yosemite Street – helped to “improve the air and water quality, which we definitely need,” La Constance said. She was an active member of the Plants Gone Wild Native Plant Nursery Project, working to combat the destructive effects of industrialization and landfills on the native wetlands. La Constance also worked to get young people in the community involved by putting up posters, speaking at youth groups and walking around the neighborhood. One of the older members of the organization, she inspired the younger participants, serving as a model and a mentor. She and her peers repaired the community garden at Candlestick Point Recreation Area, built a 1200 square foot shade house to host native California seedlings, and created a strong community of youth activists who care about community stewardship.