Brower Youth Awards

Lynnea Shuck

Fremont, CA

Propelling childhood curiosity into lasting environmental stewardship

Lynnea Shuck spearheaded the creation and implementation of the Junior Refuge Ranger Program at the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge to educate youth about the critical role wildlife refuges play in protecting threatened and endangered species. It was her own volunteer experience at the wildlife refuge in Alviso, CA that inspired Shuck to create a program that would reach out to children in the community. Through a series of labs, habitat hikes, and birding expeditions, the Junior Refuge Ranger program teaches children ages 8 to 11 important lessons about conservation, endangered species protection, habitat restoration, and environmental awareness.

The participants come away with an appreciation of nature and the critical role they play in protecting it. Shuck hopes to expand the program to all the 555 refuges within the National Wildlife Refuge System. To make that possible, she has created a How-To Guide so that every refuge can implement the program with ease.